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AWP Super Series


The Genie Aerial Work Platform AWP line emphasizes portability and ease of operation. Reach working heights of up to 46 ft 3 in (14.3 m). Choose Standard, Narrow or Rough Terrain base models. AC, DC or Airmotor power options.

Standard Features

  • Rocker Base System
  • Ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering
  • Small outrigger footprints
  • Easy loading
  • Doorway access
  • Outrigger storage pockets
  • Sturdy tie-downs

Options and Accessories

  • Three base options to choose from
  • Multiple power options
  • Largest selection of platforms in the industry
  • Genie Super-Straddle

Standards Compliance

  • ANSI/SIA A92.3
  • CSA CAN3-B354.1-M82
  • CE compliance
  • AS 1418.10-1996
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