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DSX-3 Cross Connect Cables

Use on DSX-3 manual cross connect frames. Ideal for connecting DS3 & STS-1 service applications & DS3 Rolls. Kit consists of 2 cords with BNC's crimped on each end. Onc cord has molded "Lamp Lead Tracer."

Specify Lengths

TC-500-04 TC-500T-04
TC-500-06 TC-500T-06
TC-500-08 TC-500T-08
TC-500-10 TC-500T-10
TC-500-12 TC-500T-12
TC-400-14 TC-500T-14

Longer lengths are available.
Ask your WESTEK representative.
Call for quantity discount pricing!


DSX-3 Cross Connect Cable Kit Features
  • The TC Cord Cable is approved 735A coax which is smaller core diameter and reduces through buildup.
  • Machine crimped approved BNC connection, guarantees quality and reliability.
  • Available in 2 foot length increments for ease of installing and placing.
  • Easier to handle and store when not in use.
  • Costs less than buying two separate cords and adding BNC connectors.
  • Time saving: Technicians no longer have to spend precious time building cords.



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