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Tele-Line Tester

Attention Cable Maintenance, Installation Repair and Special Services Technicians

Now troubleshoot cable pairs in seconds with Tel-Line Tester!
No more cutting, stripping, disconnecting & reconnecting

Part #
Includes Tester, Pouch, Looping Plug and Craft Access Wall Cord.
TC-TLTS1 - Tester unit only)

  • Plugs into 5 pin connector blocks to
    isolate the Central Office from the field
    at SLC Remotes, building entrances
    and Central Offices.
  • Look IN or OUT with butt sets or
  • Follow the Bell System Practice (BSP).
    Close out troubled line and pull next job
    ticket when using Craft Access terminal.

Tel-Line Tester

Includes Tester, Looping Plug and Craft Access Wall Cord

Tel-Line Tester - Complete Kit

Tel-Line Tester with
Pouch and all accessories.



Accessory Kit

1 Ground-Start Cord
1 Looping Plug with lanyard
1 Craft Access Wall Cord



Tel-Line Tester Looping Plug

The Tel-Line Tester Looping Plug is designed to restore service to the customer while maintaining the ability to test on the telephone line. The Looping Plug locks into the modular jack located at the rear of the Tel-Line Tester. The Looping Plug is equipped with a 3" lanyard that can be looped over the handle of a screwdriver or clipped to the auxiliary tool pouch clip for storage when not in use.

TC-TLTS 13/14
Wall Cord / Kraft Access

The 3' Wall Cord/Craft Access terminal cord allows the technician to plug into their Craft Access terminal when no other cord is available. The Wall Cord can be used to test a wall jack with a test set when the telephone cord is not available


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