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  • Record phone conversations
  • Record and e-mail voice messages
  • Record dictation
  • No voice mail system required
  • Works on any telephone or system
  • Recording software included
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  • Sound Blaster Compatible
  • Installs in seconds
  TeleTool 2000 lets you record telephone conversations or voice messages directly to your PC even if you don't have a voice mail system! Recordings can be saved, filed and/or E-Mailed. Voice messages are saved as standard ".wav" files playable on any Windows PC with a sound card. All the receiver needs to do is double-click the document and listen.

TeleTool 2000 works with any telephone that uses a modular handset jack. Just plug in the phone net module that connects the telephone to the computer and a cable that connects to the sound card. It's that simple!

TeleTool 2000 is all you need to capture and E-mail telephone and voice recordings


Record Phone Conversations!

Keep a Voice Diary of family phone calls

Record and
E-Mail voice messages

Keep track of critical business calls and E-Mail recordings for reference

Record office meetings and orders

Make audio documents of company meetings or use as a backup for orders

No hassle, easy installation:

Connects neatly between your phone line and telephone


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