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440A ISDN Terminating Resistor Adapter

The 440A4 ISDN Terminating Resistor Adapter is used to balance the cable plant between the receiver
and transmitter on the ISDN T-interface. It can be located or placed in the communications closet or at the work area. The configuration generally determines the placement of the adapter. The 440A4 consists of a 1foot (305mm) section of 4-pair cable connected to one end of a flame-retardant plastic
housing. The cord is attached to the housing with the release tab of the plug cut flush to the jack. Removal requires the use of a small tool such as a screwdriver. The opposite opening of the housing is equipped with and 8 position modular jack.






Physical Characteristics:
Dimensions: W 0.75" (19mm) x L 1.00" (25mm) x D 3.50" (19 mm)
Plastic: High-impact, flame-retardant, UL rated 94V-0 thermoplastic
Jack Wires: 50 micro-inch lubricated hard gold plate over
100 micro-inch nickel underplate.






Quality Manufactured in the U.S.A.

"T" Type Adapters/"Piggyback" Configuration


"T" Type adapters containing one modular plug and two modular jacks. Piggy back arrangement allows for insertion into adjacent jacks in manifold-type jack arrangements.



Order Part#
TC 05436 000 267A2





TC-267A2: "Piggyback" adapter contains one 6 position 4- conductor modular plug and two 6 position 6 conductor jacks.

TC-267F2: "Piggyback" adapter contains one 6 position 4-conductor modular plug and one 6 position 2 conductor jack and one 6 position 4 conductor jack. These adapter are used to connect two telephones to a single modular jack and for connecting ancillary equipment.

Order Part#
"Piggyback" adapter containing one 8 position 6 conductor plug; one 8 position 8 conductor jack; and one 6 position 2 conductor jack. It is used to provide auxiliary power to telephones.


  TC-PTL-8       Terminal Lug Cap Puller (TC-TLCP)      
The TC-PTL-8 handset/headset
modular adapter turns a single
handset telephone into a dual handset
operation for training purposes. With
mute switch, order PTL-8-M; with
recording jack, order PTL-8-R.
Westek introduces the TC-TLCP Terminal Lug Cap Puller which saves time and money while protecting your field employees from unnecessary injuries that might otherwise occur when removing terminal lug caps with sharp or improper tools.
What makes more sense than using
the right tool for the job?
Consider the TLCP's Many Features:
The PTL-6 adapter plug allows use of standard PBX/ ACD headset with modular telephones. PBX headsets equipped with the standard PJ327 dual brass plug may now plug into telephone consoles with 4x4 or 4x6 modular jack
The head of the tool is designed to slide over
the terminal lug cap, securing it for fast and
easy removal
Once removed, the cap remains in the tool for
reinstallation Specially designed ribs encircle
the handle, providing a positive grip in dry or
wet conditions. The compact handle fits all
hand sizes and rests against the palm of the
hand for increased force during lug cap
installation. A tough, non-conductive plastic
body assures a long, useful life even under
the most abusive conditions.

  PTL-10 D327 Jack to RJ22 Plug
(cord sold separately)
Dual 327 Jack to RJ11 jack

  Adapts modular headset or headsets to plug into standard PBX dual jacks (223A, 226A, etc.). Four conductor 616P modular jack in rear of shell wired to PJ327 plugs mounted in shell on .625 inch (15.875 mm) centers. Standard shell colors beige or black. Custom color and markings available.  
(headset and handset
not included



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