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Audio Monitoring Kits

ASK-4 KIT #101 Audio Monitoring Kit
A complete single zone audio monitoring system, designed for audio monitoring and interfacing with a 12/24 hour time-lapse VCR or DVR. The desk top base unit has a 3" speaker for monitoring live audio as well as playback. Special built-in filtering enhances audio playback from a 24 hour time-lapse recorder. The low impedance electret condenser microphone can pick up normal sounds approximately 15' away or within a 30' diameter circle.

Kit Contains:
Verifact Model A Microphone
Model APR-1 Desk Top Base Station
Model AD-1 12 Vdc Power Supply
Dual RCA cable for connection to VCR/DVR

APR-1 can be equipped with 19" rack mount assembly. Request RM-1935-APR assembly.




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