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Audio Monitoring Kits

ASK-4 KIT #300 Audio Monitoring Kit
Single zone audio monitoring system designed for direct connection to a DVR, VCR, or computer sound card. When ceiling mounted, Verifact A microphone can pick up sounds approximately 15' away or within a 30' diameter circle. Model IF-1 Interface Adapter receives the wiring from the microphone, supplies power to the microphone and drives the audio signals into the audio input of the recording device. Kit includes an RCA cable for connecting to a DVR or VCR, and a 3.5mm cable for connection to a computer sound card. It also contains a variable gain adjust to prevent overdriving the sound card.

Kit Contains:
Verifact Model A Microphone
IF-1 Interface Adapter
Model AD-112 Vdc Power Supply
Single RCA cable

Speaker/Amplifier not included with Kit #300. If audio playback from a 24 hour time-lapse recorder is required, request ASK-4 Kit #100-A or ASK-4 Kit #100-D.


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