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BCM PLUS Battery Cycle Monitor Plus
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Battery Performance and Load Characteristics for Standby Power Applications
  • Continuously Monitors Critical Battery System Parameters
  • Simple Local and Remote User Interfaces for Processing of Data
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance Tool for Managing Standby Battery System Operation

Battery Cycle Monitor Plus

Protect the integrity and long-term operation of your standby battery system with the Battery Cycle Monitor Plus (BCM Plus)

Obtain the benefits of round-the-clock, uninterrupted power reliability with the Battery Cycle Monitor Plus (BCM Plus). The Battery Cycle Monitor Plus continuously monitors the most critical performance characteristics of the battery system: string voltage, battery current, quantity and duration of discharges. The monitor automatically tracks these values relative to user-specified ranges and alerts the user via an external alarm if a value is out of range. The unit also monitors utility power and reports power losses and durations.

The BCM Plus offers simplified user interfaces with Windows® based software. The user has the option of extracting data directly from the LCD touch screen display, locally with a portable computer through an RS232 communication (Com) port, and remotely by a personal computer modem. Additionally, the BCM Plus utilizes a proprietary algorithm to keep track of Amp-hours removed and to estimate life remaining on the battery string. The BCM Plus tracks the activity of the battery and provides effective battery life management by identifying damaging events and calculating the percentage of cycle life remaining.

The BCM Plus keeps an electronic log of critical battery events.
Valuable data on critical events is permanently kept in nonvolatile, electronic memory in the BCM Plus battery.

BCM Plus records each discharge event. How long did it last? How many cumulative Amp-hours have been used? Events are recorded by date and time. A convenient summary report provides discharge cycle events broken down into these categories:

  • Less than 30 seconds
  • 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes
  • 1.5 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Longer than 4 minutes

Voltage Excursions
BCM Plus monitors the total battery system voltage at the battery terminals and records all excursions outside the proper float voltage range. The unit retains excellent information about potentially damaging and costly conditions: rectifier failures, improper equalizing charges, incorrect voltage settings, and poor voltage regulation.

BCM Plus calculates percentage of battery cycle life remaining
The amount of battery cycle life that has been removed is a complex subject. Each discharge event is unique. What is the cycle capability of the battery at the start? What was the amplitude of the event? How long did it last? How has the battery aged? Those are factors which must be evaluated for every discharge event. You need a continuously operating computer to accomplish the task... and the BCM Plus provides it.

Extreme temperature deviations can adversely affect the life expectancy of the battery string. BCM Plus continuously monitors the current ambient temperature and alerts the user if the nominal range is exceeded.

Four convenient ways to access BCM Plus data:

Front Panel
The easy-to-read LCD display on the BCM Plus lets you quickly see battery data at a glance. You can access current readings and historical events. Historical information can be easily retrieved using the four-option key pad on the faceplate.

Alarm Contacts
Critical functions, such as discharge in progress and voltage excursions, can be alarmed for local and remote monitoring.

Using a portable PC, you can easily download historical events for detailed analysis.

Modem Remote
With the modem you can remotely, via phone line, dial up the battery system and get an immediate snap shot of its operating history and current condition. If necessary, you can download its history of events for detailed analysis.

Internal battery back-up system assures BCM Plus operation in case of utility power outages
A battery within the BCM Plus assures continuous monitoring of battery system activity. The record retention system stores all information safely.

Alarm Contacts
BCM Plus also features a built-in alarm contact, to signal critical battery conditions that require immediate attention. The alarm contact will operate under four conditions: discharge in progress, loss of ac power, temperature and improper float voltage.

Installs easily, safe to use, monitors any size C&D system
The BCM Plus is easy to install. The unit requires a 110-volt, single-phase ac power supply. The BCM Plus comes with a specially calibrated intercell connector shunt and preassembled battery system voltage cables, as well as hardware for wall or battery rack mounting.

Shunts should be sized to allow a 10mV to 20mV drop across the short leads at maximum current conditions for the battery string. THE BCM Plus can be connected to most C&D TECHNOLOGIES' battery systems up to 750 Vdc, and is UL-listed.

Simplified Software Interface
The BCM Plus utilizes user-friendly software for accessing and downloading information gathered and stored by the unit. This software is easy to install into your desktop computer or laptop, and is compatible with Windows® Operating System. With this software and computer interface, the user can review and download records, events, and configuration summaries, or attach the unit as a terminal to access real-time data.

The BCM Plus software uses pull down menus for an easy graphic interface. Data can be saved to a file, printed, or cut-and-pasted into reports through built-in editing capabilities. In addition, an extensive user's help menu gives full details on how to use the software.

Maintenance Tool
The BCM Plus serves as a tool for the maintenance of the battery system. Through proper analysis of data collected by the device, the user can access and troubleshoot key indicators of battery health and system performance. This information can then be used to identify potential problem areas before they impact the integrity of the system.


7.25 in
(184.15 mm)
8.75 in
(222.25 mm)
4.25 in
(107.95 mm)
8.35 lbs
(3.75 kgs)


Data Collection
Storage Memory: 2000-8000 Events
Retention Time: > 10 years


Operator Interface
Display Type: LCD
Display Size: Four Rows of 20 Characters Each


Modem Interface
Type: 2400 Baud Industrial Modem
Connection: RJ11


Communications Interface
Type: RS232 Interface
Speed: 9600 Baud Rate


Software Interface
Windows® Operating System


Discharge alarm contact rating
Current 1.0 Amperes
Voltage 126 Vac
Power 24 Watts


Order information
  BCM-2200 (0-750V UPS)
  BCM-2100* (48V Telco)
  BCM-2000* (24V Telco)
  *Special Order Shunt Required


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