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MSE by C&D Technologies
VRLA Performance You Can Trust



Exceptional Qualifications

  • Tested to the latest industry standards
  • NEBS
  • Bellcore SR-4228
  • IBC 2000 300% qualified

Exceptional Warranty

  • 7-year full warranty
  • Industry leading

Exceptional Service Life

  • Field-proven, proprietary cell design and manufacturing process provides for documented long-lasting service life
  • Advanced microporous absorbed glass mat separators for ultra-low float current - reduces grid corrosion for a long, usable service life
  • Highly efficient, proprietary plate processing for high utilization of active material - results in high energy density
  • Advanced calcium alloys to minimize positive grid corrosion and growth - for maximum battery life

Exceptional Product Quality

  • Proprietary, high-strength jar design for reliable cell performance
  • Ribbed jar walls for sustained cell compression
  • Flame-retardant jar and cover material capable of withstanding
    high temperature excursions
  • Built-in cooling channels to maintain proper cell temperature
  • Exceptional manufacturing process for consistent plate quality

Exceptional Experience

  • Nearly 100 years of experience in the battery industry
  • The only producer and marketer of complete battery and electronics systems for total power solutions


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