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Hydration Back Pack


The perfect companion for jobs that require hydration
of water or energy drinks. It is worn as a back pack
keeping hands free as you work. Our Hydration Pack
holds 70 oz. and is equipped with the Soft Gulp™ Valve.
The comfortable locking mouthpiece allows high flow
and doesn’t leak. The removable hose and large mouth
reservoir makes for easy cleaning and filling. The full
side zipper on the pack allows for easy access to the
reservoir. Shoulder straps are contoured with extra
padding for comfort, and waist strap and removable
sternum strap keep the pack close to your body.
Hand washable.
Part No. 8409

The perfect tool for effective cooling of personnel- reducing
heat stress and improving air circulation to reduce stagnation.
Easy installation, 24" rugged ABS plastic industrial design,
heavy duty steel adjustable stand and 6" wheels for easy
portability. Included is the Mist Kit with a poly hose that will
adapt to a male garden hose fitting. The fan will direct the
mist up to 50 feet. Fan rated at 8550 CFM. 24" fan propeller
cast of 319 aluminum alloy. Comes with 68" cord.

Motor: 1/2 HP 115/230V 60Hz 6A/3A
Part No. 8415  
Corrosion resistant hose 15" in diameter
3 Brass ULV for nozzles
65" Poly hose pigtail with a female garden hose coupling

Depth Base Width Fan O.D. Height Weight

28" 25.5" 29.5 60" 80 Lbs

Part No. 8415-10  

All the same great features of our industrial cooling fan to
reduce heat stress and improve air circulation. This fan will
lower the temperature of any area from 10-20°. Even on the
hottest and most humid days, our unique controls will
optimize cooling. Comes with 7 gallon water reserve tank
and high-pressure flash evaporative cooling pump. No need
for garden hose hook-up.
Part No. 8416  



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