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AT&T Replacement Patch & Test Cords

Product Information



  Retractable cord used with 188A
test set. Equivalent to W1BU.
  General purpose adapter cable.
  General purpose.
Equivalent to 2W38AW.
  General purpose.
Used for testing or shorting.
  Mates with 364A plug (butt-set)
access at protector units.
  General purpose.
Equivalent to 2W41AX.
  Used to short or to ground the tip
and/or ring plugs to recessed
terminals on 300 series connectors
(except 310). equivalent to P2EF.
Standard length 1'4"
  Used to short tip and ring or to ground tip and/or ring plugs to recessed
|terminals on 310 series connectors.
Equivalent to P2FM.
Standard length 1' 4".
  Used to pigyback test points on
protector to monitor without pulling
protector (coil). Standard length 1'4".
  284-1 plug connects to punch down
pins on 66 blocks and RJ21's. Standard length 1'4".
  General purpose. Used for grounding.


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