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Combi-Cord Components

All combi-cords are standard 4' 6" lengths unless otherwise specified. You can order up to four plug ends from the list of ends shown below.

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LMOD (4, 6, 8)











B1                Hardwire (with strain relief)
B2                Quick Disconnect (WECO type)
B3                Hardwire
B4                Modular Type, 4 Positions, 2 Conductor
B6                Modular Type, 6 Positions, 2 Conductor
B8                Modular Type, 8 Positions, 2 Conductor
C1                (1) Plug End Cord
C2                (2) Plug End Cord
C3                (3) Plug End Cord
C4                (4) Plug End Cord

Plug Ends and Connectors

L1                Alligator Clips (Mueller #60)
L2                453A or P2EF Equivilent
                    (AT&T 303 & 309-NT 377)
L3                526A (plugs into 4C Type Protector)
L4                463A (Replaces 5 Pin Modu
L4WO          L4 (Without Guide Pin, Looks In and Out)
L5                P2FM Equivilent (AT&T 310 and 311)
L6                Chuck Ends (Adapter Tool)
L7                Chuck Ends (over Wire Wrap Pins only on
                    High and Low Density Blocks)
L8                Porta (replaces Protector)
L9                Porta (plugs into Protector)
LX                Porta (plugs into Test Field)
LO                Alligator Clips (Mueller #40)
LMOD 4        Modular Type Plug, 4 Position, 2 Conductor
LMOD 6        Modular Type Plug, 6 Position, 2 Conductor
LMOD 8        Modular Type Plug, 8 Position, 2 Conductor
L110             AT&T 110 Connector Plug
L248             Amphenol 284-1 Plug (for 66 Block)
L299             Plugs into NT 399 Block
L310             310 Plug
L3M              Binding Post Clip
LS                 Step Switch Space Plug
L96               SLC-96 Plug (Test Channel Cards)
LDBAN           Dual Bantam Plug
LBAN             Single Bantam Plug (equivilent to Mini-Plug)
LHTCAB         Heavy Test Clip, Angle Nose, Bed of Nails
LHTCAP         Heavy Test Clip, Angle Nose, Single Pin
LHTCABP       Heavy Test Clip, Angle Nose, Bed of Nails, Single Pin
LMG               Mini-Grabbers
LNAN             Banana Plug
LBIX              Bix Connector (QTBIX17-NT)
LSLC5            SLC-5 Plug
LOE               Northern Telecom Original Equipment

Combi-Cords are available for 30 day evaluation upon request.

B1 (Hardwire)                                                 B2(WECO type QD)


Quality made in the USA .

L1 (Alligator Clips)

L2 (453A)

L3 (526A)

L4 (463A)

L5 (P2FM Equivi)

L6 (Chuck Ends)

L7 (Chuck Ends)

L8 (Porta)

L9 (Porta)

LX (Porta)



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