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Back Supports

Flexbak helps reduce back stress and strain with a design so
unique it's patented. Its three-part support is the key to a system
that provides maximum back support with ease of movement.
Because no two bodies are exactly the same, this 9" medical-style
truss uses two internal support panels above and below the waist
surrounded by an elastic third panel. These combine to produce
maximum bracing without pinching or riding up. Available in four
sizes. Vented Flexbak available. Suspenders included.
    Flexbak Vented Flexbak

Small 26" to 36" 7115-01 7215-01

Medium 36" to 48" 7115-02 7215-02

Large 48" to 58" 7115-03 7215-03

X Large 58" to 68" 7115-04 7215-04

Spanbak features a two-part closing design in breathable spandex
backed with rubber grip webbing to help prevent ride-up.
Polyethylene plastic stays provide support and strength. This
easy care, washable belt is 8" wide and available in six sizes
(XS through XXL) in black. Includes detachable suspenders.

X Small 28" to 32" 7190-00

Small 32" to 36" 7190-01

Medium 36" to 40" 7190-02

Large 40" to 44" 7190-03

X Large 44" to 48" 7190-04

XX Large 48" to 54" 7190-05

This economical support is designed with an eight-inch elastic
back panel, positive Velcro® material front panels and 3 inch
wide elastic V-shaped side pulls. Includes wide detachable
elastic suspenders. Available in black, in four sizes.

Small 26" to 32" 7176-01

Medium 32" to 38" 7176-02

Large 38" to 47" 7176-03

X Large 47" to 56" 7176-04

Offers the added safety of high-visibility green suspenders and
side elastic pulls. Excellent for road work.

Small 26" to 32" 7178-01

Medium 32" to 38" 7178-02

Large 38" to 47" 7178-03

X Large 47" to 56" 7178-04

The high quality, lightweight back support you have been waiting
for! Features a two-part closure designed of breathable, heavy
duty spandex-style material. Four polyethylene plastic stays are
lined with rubber anti-ride-up grippers. Wide elastic, removable
suspenders are fully adjustable. The full 9" width and six sizes
provide comfort and fit of the highest quality.

X Small 28" to 32" 7195-00

Small 32" to 36" 7195-01

Medium 36" to 40" 7195-02

Large 40" to 44" 7195-03

X Large 44" to 48" 7195-04

XX Large 48" to 54" 7195-05

The Bodybelt offers a serious nine-inch wide back support with
two-part closure. The medical-style elastic back and non-elastic
side panels include polyethylene plastic stays with gripping
material to eliminate ride-up. It features removable, fully
adjustable suspenders and is available in black in four sizes.

Small 26" to 36" 7160-01

Medium 36" to 48" 7160-02

Large 48" to 58" 7160-03

X Large 58" to 68" 7160-04

High performance 9 1/2" wide belt design offers full support
and fit for most wearers from small to large. Comfortable
neoprene pad fits center of back over spine. Breathable
Spandex, vented V-pulls and front padded cushions all allow
added comfort. 4 polyethylene plastic stays mean greater fit.
Comes in reusable zipper storage bag.
Part No.

Small - Large 26" to 48" 7170

Maximum support in a weightlifting-style belt. A five-inch back
and four-inch front panel deliver effective support. The unique
patented dual side closing system evenly distributes back and
front pressure where it is equally important for a proper fit
without pinching or creeping. Washable material in black and
silver, in four sizes.
Part No.

Small 26" to 36" 7120-01

Medium 36" to 48" 7120-02

Large 48" to 58" 7120-03

X large 58" to 68" 7120-04

A rugged 5" belt with rigid foam that forms to the body for
maximum support. Buckle and locking closure holds securely
yet allows easy adjustment. Brushed lining and soft edges add
to comfort and a wide 2" nylon strap provides additional
support to the waterproof foam core. Its rugged nylon shell is
designed for freedom of movement for easy, all-day wear.
Part No.

Small 26" to 36" 7130-01

Medium 36" to 48" 7130-02

Large 48" to 58" 7130-03

X large 58" to 68" 7130-04

Our handy zipper bag is perfect for storage. A clear plastic
front for easy viewing of product and polypro breathable
sides allow the belt to air out while being stored. The hanging
loop allows the bag to be easily displayed. Comes as standard
packaging for SpanBak, Deluxe SpanBak, Economy Belt,
Economy Hi-Vis, Fit All and Body Belt.



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