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Miscellaneous Supports


This strong support offers abrasion-resistant flexible caps
backed by soft foam padding. Fully adjustable Velcro closures
along with elastic sleeves provide a comfortable, custom fit.
Now available in two colors. One size fits all. (Per pair)
Part No. 7104 Black
Part No. 7104-03 Camouflage

For repetitive elbow movement, this support offers a unique 2"
wide strap design that directs pressure to the forearm and
eases strain on the elbow. Available in three sizes. (Each)

Small 7" to 9" 7107-01

Medium 9" to 10" 7107-02

Large 10" to 12" 7107-03

This support includes comfortable Neoprene padding that
protects the whole elbow area. It is specially designed for
jobs that require repetitive elbow placement. Five sizes
allow perfect fit for even the largest worker. (Each)
Measure around the largest part of the forearm, about 2 1/2"
below the elbow.
Part No.

Small 7" to 9" 7108-01

Medium 9" to 10" 7108-02

Large 10" to 12" 7108-03

X Large 12" to 15" 7108-04

XX Large 15" to 18" 7108-05

This support was designed to alleviate the effects of lateral
knee movement. Its comfortable Neoprene material and
quality construction provide for outstanding overall support. (Each)
Measure around knee.
Part No.

Small 13" to 14" 7106-01

Medium 14" to 15" 7106-02

Large 15" to 16" 7106-03

X Large 16" to 17" 7106-04

Lightweight Neoprene provides comfortable support for
weakened or injured ankles. It helps fight swelling and
provides protection from potential ankle injury. (Each)
Measure around ankle.
Part No.

Small 6" to 8" 7206-01

Medium 8" to 10" 7206-02

Large 10" to 12" 7206-03

X Large 12" to 15" 7206-04



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