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work Gloves


Our Deluxe Anti-Vib Gloves offer unique Nitrile Butyl Rubber
(NBR) palm inserts that absorb and dampen shock. They
are made of grained cowhide for long wear and include a
heavy-duty wrist strap for added wrist protection. (Pair or single)
Part No.
  Pair Right Left

Small 7320-01 7320-01R 7320-01L

Medium 7320-02 7320-02R 7320-02L

Large 7320-03 7320-03R 7320-03L

X Large 7320-04 7320-04R 7320-04L

Made of top grain leather, these gloves are designed
with an open thumb for easy gripping and include NBR
palm inserts for superior shock absorption. (Pair or single)
Part No.
  Pair Right Left

Small 7310-01 7310-01R 7310-01L

Medium 7310-02 7310-02R 7310-02L

Large 7310-03 7310-03R 7310-03L

X Large 7310-04 7310-04R 7310-04L

These unique glove liners incorporate an NBR
anti-vibration pad across the palm, around the
side of the hand, and on the front and back of
the thumb for impact protection. The low profile
design coupled with a spandex back allows for
easy fit under work gloves. (Pair or single)
Part No.
  Pair Right Left

Small 7305-01 7305-01R 7305-01L

Medium 7305-02 7305-02R 7305-02L

Large 7305-03 7305-03R 7305-03L

X Large 7305-04 7305-04R 7305-04L

The perfect answer to storing and displaying
work gloves. The clear plastic front and back,
allows the user to see product. Polypro sides
allow the gloves to breathe while being stored.
The hanging loop makes display storage convenient.
Comes as standard packaging for all pairs.

Power tools, heavy machinery, or assembly line work puts hands, wrists
and elbows at risk for white finger and other numbing effects of constant
vibration. Allegro offers a complete selection of quality hand protection
products that allow complete flexibility, while providing tough protection
from vibration and strong support against CTS.


Small:      6" to 7"
Medium:  7" to "
Large:     8" to 9"
X Large:  9" to 10"



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