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Knee Protections


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Perfect for kneeling on rough abrasive surfaces, MaxKnee is
excellent for any application that demands maximum performance.
It is designed with a hard ABS knee cap that resists abrasion and
works with an extra long pad for optimum comfort. Available with
two comfortable, fully adjustable elasti
Part No. 7102 Navy
Part No. 7102-01 American Flag

For fast and easy attachment, our MaxKnee is available with
this unique quick release buckle that eliminates the need for
readjusting the straps. The elastic straps offer comfort and
flexibility while maintaining stability. The buckle is completely
adjustable and is designed for durability and comfort.
Part No. 7102Q

Grueling deep knee work requires tough protection. Designed
with lightweight pads capped by large abrasion-resistant rubber
caps for long-lasting wear. The wrap around rubber cap design
allows maximum flexibility while maintaining a secure fit. Excellent
for non-slip, hard surface work environments. Designed with Velcro
Part No. 7103

FlexKnee is also available with a durable quick release buckle.
Part No. 7103Q

The favored pad of government and municipal workers, the Black
FlexKnee offers the same features as our popular FlexKnee,
including Velcro straps.
Part No. 7103-02

Popular pattern with all the features of our FlexKnee.
Part No. 7103-03  

A non-marking polyurethane cap is used on our FlexKnee to allow
workers to move around the work area without marking or
damaging a delicate surface such as tiling. Velcro straps allow
for a custom fit and make donning quick and easy.
Part No. 7103-01

Fully adjustable 64" high floor model display will hold 36-48 knee
pads. Four way topper for visual reference, 20" base and 18 8"
hooks included.
Part No. 7128-01  


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