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Knee Protections


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One piece molded construction offers greater comfort
at low cost. Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a secure
fit. Its surface grid provides skid resistance even in
wet areas and superior protection on hard surfaces
such as home and garden use.
Part No. 7101

This soft 1/2" foam rubber pad is contoured to the
shape of the knee. Itís designed to allow easy side
to side movement on hard surfaces and can be used
in wet environments. The contoured shape allows
the 1 1/2" Velcro straps to be worn more loosely
for greater comfort. Perfect for laying brick and
other masonry work.
Part No. 7100

Offering the same comfortable contour shape and
1/2" foam rubber construction as the Contour Knee,
the Deluxe Contour Knee includes a non-skid rubber
pad insert on the flat kneeling surface which increases
comfort and stability, especially in wet conditions.
The 2" Velcro strap offers stability and is fully adjustable
for a custom fit.
Part No. 7100-01

Lightweight and low profile. Our 1/2" outer foam design
allows for greater comfort and flexible spring back memory.
These pads are lined for extra absorption and the ribbed
kneeling surface helps to minimize slippage. The 1 1/2"
Velcro straps add stability and adjust for a custom fit.
Part No. 7100-02

Offering the most protection available, our Deluxe QuickFlex
is a completely unique kneepad. The large 3/4" thick pad has
a hinge design that provides protection and ease of movement
above and below the cap, and a wrap-around design for greater
side protection. The large soft rubber cap conforms to the shape
of the knee for maximum protection. The double strap system
uses 1 1/2" straps with deluxe quick release buckles, and allows
for easy adjustment and a snug fit while ensuring greater stability
and side protection.
Part No. 6990

Ultra durable, ultra flexible, ultra comfortable, the lightweight
Ultra FlexKnee is ribbed across the knee for easy flexing, and
maximum comfort above the knee. The kneeling surface is
grooved for non-slip stability. It is designed to hold its shape
better, and is constructed with inner foam rubber for greater
comfort, and water resistance. Unique, easy to adjust rubber
straps offer a comfortable, custom fit.
Part No.
6987 Ultra Flex Knee
6988-04 Replacement straps 4/pkg.

The durable, comfortable, and lightweight Robo Knee is the
ultimate for easy flexing and maximum comfort. The kneeling
surface has a non-slip replaceable pad constructed with inner
foam rubber for greater comfort, and water resistance. Unique,
easy to adjust rubber straps offer a comfortable, custom fit and
are easy to replace. Available in industrial blue or hi-vis green.

Part No. 6988 Blue Robo Knee Pad  

Part No. 6988-01 Green Robo Knee Pad  

Part No. 6988-02 Replacement Button 8/pkg.

Part No. 6988-03 Replacement Hinge Pin 4/pkg.

Part No. 6988-04 Replacement Straps 4/pkg.

Part No. 6988-05 Replacement Pads 2/pkg.


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