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The Fully Disposable Hoods are not just convenient, they're completely flexible. Available in poly-coated TyvekŪ, poly-coated TyvekŪ with a double bib, or Saran-coated TyvekŪ, the hoods are completely disposable thanks to an integrated breathing tube. One universal hood, provides either a low pressure or high pressure* SAR system made possible by a swivel-style, threaded female hose connector incorporated into the hood. Select the air controller best suited to your job and whether you're working in a spray paint booth, asbestos abatement site, laboratory or pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, you'll have the right SAR for the job.
*Note: High pressure is defined as 150 psig.


For use as a low pressure supplied air respirator, the Low Pressure Flow Adapter allows the hood to connect to an ambient air pump, or any low pressure air source. It is a low profile, lightweight, plastic threaded fitting that offers the convenience of OBAC quick connect design with a belt and clip assembly. The controller is economical enough to dispose of with the hood assembly or save for use with a replacement hood. It requires an air supply pressure range of 2 to 40 psi.



The high pressure Adjustable Flow Control Valve adjusts air flow from any high pressure air source for greater comfort. It offers a large gripping handle that makes it easy to use with a gloved hand. From the lowest flow position, the control valve will deliver the minimum flow required by NIOSH. It requires an air supply pressure range from 20 to 45 psig.



The Air Temperature Controller adjusts the amount of air to the hood and adjusts air 25 degrees warmer or cooler than the ambient air for use in cold or hot environments. It includes a leather sheath to protect the user from temperature extremes. The Air Temperature Controller requires an air supply pressure range of 85-110 psig.



The Personal Air Cooler is ideal in hot environments, adjusting the air flow from high pressure air sources as low as 25 degrees colder than ambient air for an improved working environment. The Personal Air Cooler requires an air supply pressure range of 55-85 psig.


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