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Speich single blade (mod. PG) and twin blade (mod.PGD) straight line wipers, have been designed specifically for naval applications.
Straight line wipers are especially suited for very large window areas.
An ideal installation is obtained on windows with a base length of at least 1.5 times the window height.
All Speich straight line wipers and components are made and assembled in our factory, where since 1959, we produce windscreen wipers systems designed specifically for naval applications. These specialised systems are distributed worldwide.
Simple design and construction coupled with the use of only the highest quality materials guarantee the reliability and trouble-free maintenance of every wiper system.

 installation drawing
motor drawing

Technical features
Single straight line (mod.PG)

Stroke 400 - 2250 mm
Arm 400 - 800 mm
Blade up to 1000 mm
Twin straight line (mod.PG)

Stroke 900 - 4500 mm
Arm 400 - 800 mm
Blade up to 1000 mm

Available rated voltage CC: 12V - 24V
CA: 110V - 220V
Power Starting: 420W
Nominal: 85 W
Wipe speed 1.2 m/s
Length of motor shaft bushing (D) 35 - 70 - 105 - 150 - 200 - 250 mm
Safety distance from magnetic compass 1.35 m BSH certified
PG.FC Stroke end switch made with a magnetic reed.
PG.SZZ Adjustable spray nozzles for washing system with the pipe holder 6x4mm diameter.
PG.HOT Single heating element for the de-icing system integrated in the wiper housing. Itís made with a self regulating heating cable with waterproof connector and 2.5 m cable length.
PG.HH Double heating element for the de-icing system installed both in the wiper housing and in the cover.


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