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Motor units type M
Torque 45 Nm

Motor M

Arms up to 900mm

Motor units type S
Torque 80 Nm

Motor S

Arms up to 1200mm

Motor units type SF
with electromagnetic brake
Torque 80 Nm
Motor SF Arms up to 1200mm

Clear view screens

Clear view screens Up to 380mm
Straight line wipers

Single and twin arm

Window washer equipments Window washer Spray nozzles
Water tanks with pump
Control panels

Control panel

Standard and custum made units

Special equipment

Motor type MH
for heated arms

Motor type MH for heated arms

Heated arms up to 750mm

Motor type MEX
for external installation

Motor type MEX for external installation IP68

Arms up to 900mm

Hand operated wiper

Hand operated wiper

Arms up to 550mm


Nautic  windscreen wipers range

Motor units type E
Torque 12 Nm
Motor E Arms up to 550mm
Motor units type LP
Torque 45 Nm
Motor LP Arms up to 800mm
Control panels and switches Control panels and switches For two speeds motors


Wiper blades

Selected wiper blades

Wiper blades

From 280 to 1300mm


Antiglear screens

Antiglear screens

Antiglear screens

Made to measure
Width: up to 3600
Height: up to 3500mm


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