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Adjustable windscreen wiper
Speich Nautic LP range of windscreen wipers is designed to prepare a custom made medium sized wiper during installation.
Its easy to modify arm length, motor unit wiping angle and park position side also with the system already installed.


Motor units
The motor unit generates the alternating movement of the wiping arm.
Its available for 12V and 24V DC, has two speeds, self-parking device and variable wiping angle
Code For wall thickness


LP1220 20 mm 5 mm 12V
LP1240 40 mm 5 mm 12V
LP1260 60 mm 5 mm 12V
LP1280 80 mm 5 mm 12V
LP12100 100 mm 5 mm 12V
LP2420 20 mm 5 mm 24V
LP2440 40 mm 5 mm 24V
LP2460 60 mm 5 mm 24V
LP2480 80 mm 5 mm 24V
LP24100 100 mm 5 mm 24V


Technical features
Strokes per minute Vmin=70 - Vmax=90 stroke/min
Available rated voltage DC: 12V -  24V
Power comsumption 50 W (Vmin)
85 W (Vmax)
Starting power 300 W (Vmin)
480 W (Vmax)
Starting torque 42 Nm
Wiping angle available from 40 to 90
Selfparking Right or left
Length of threaded bushing For wall thickness: 20 - 40 - 60 - 80 - 100 mm
Weight 3.3  Kg


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