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Spray nozzles on arm
To be install on:

Systems M
Systems S
Systems L

The spray nozzle kit includes the fittings to pass through the wall

Wall installation spray nozzle EZZ
Spray nozzle made of chrome plated brass.

To be used when it's not possible to install the spray nozzle on the arm, or for short arm lenghts.

Threaded part for the connection: 1/8'' G

Feeding water
Electrovalve ELVAL
Where pressurised fresh water is available an electrovalve can be used to control the washer unit feed.

Available voltage:
12V - 24V DC
110V - 220V AC

Threaded part for the connection: 1/8'' G
Water tanks with electric pump SERB7L
The 7 litres water tank is manufactured in stainless steel AISI304.
The pump is available in 12V or 24V.
The pump's connection must be done using a 6x4mm hose.

The following table indicates all necessary fittings requires to install the window washer system.
Code Description
IATUB4x6 Polyurethane hose 6x4mm
IAD Straight fitting
IAF Female fitting 1/8''G
IAM Male fitting 1/8''G
IAT T-piece fitting
IAL L-piece fitting





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